Will Kartel finally allow Popcaan to visit?

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kartel-and-popcaan.jpgThis sounds like...Will the little boy be rewarded with a lollipop for good behaviour?

So..reports are that Vybz Kartel is "considering allowing his former protege Popcaan to visit him in prison" because Kartel has apparently been seeing the Unruly Boss' recent efforts to redeem himself and is quite impressed.

WOW!!!! Just WOW!!!!

Anyway, the source is quoted thus: "Mi nah guh lie, addi [Vybz Kartel] deal wid Popcaan a wah eno but him seh the tough love look like it a finally teach him loyalty," the source said. "Suh right now him might mek him visit him soon suh dem can have a serious talk."

Kartel is said to have recently given Popcaan a shoutout when he dropped the video for his throwback single "Duh Weh U Wah Fi Duh" on Instagram.

"Yo see the corolla and think seh a cabbi / A addi wi give u supm fi deal wid u shabbi / Man a bawl and a seh don't dweet mi daddy / Popcaan a go wadda dem / Becuz dem no bad at all a mi name them a call," he deejays in the track.

Popcaan, who was labelled a police informant by Gaza fans shortly after Vybz Kartel's incarceration, spotted the post and quickly commented, "Cool Reminder."

However Popcaan visiting Vybz Kartel at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, seems more and more of a possibility as the days go by. Remeber....Kartel who previously bashed Tommy Lee Sparta for his alleged disloyalty, gave the deejay visiting right recently.