Student in viral video beating bus driver now in custody

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hands-behind-bars.jpgOne of the students from the Green Island High school in Hanover, who was caught on video attacking a bus conductor with knives and stones, has been taken into custody by the police.

The boy, who was accompanied by his father, surrendered to the police Friday - two days after the incident. The teenager was taken in by his father after he saw the video that is circulating on social media.

Head of the Hanover police, Superintendent Sharon Beeput, told RJR News that the police have identified all the boys involved in the incident

She said the police are in dialogue with the Principal and the Dean of Discipline at the school to have them taken in.

In the video, five boys are seen attacking the conductor with knives. The conductor was slapped in the face by a student holding a chopper before the other boys joined in the attack.

The conductor ran into the bus to seek refuge, but the boys proceeded to hurl stones on the vehicle, smashing several windows.

Several students in the bus were reportedly injured.