St Thomas cops seek illegal cabbie for attempted rape

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The St Thomas police are on the hunt for an illegal taxi driver who reportedly abducted and attempted to rape a 17-year-old student.

It is reported that sometime after 1 o'clock Friday afternoon, the Yallahs High School student was returning from a work experience assignment.

While walking towards the school gate, a robot taxi operator reportedly drove up and used a knife to force her into his vehicle.

According to reports, he sped off and took her to another community about two miles away from the school and attempted to rape her.

A struggle reportedly ensued, during which the schoolgirl was stabbed in the hand with a knife.

The teen managed to escape and sought help from the occupants of a nearby house.

She was taken to the Yallahs Police Station where the matter was reported.

The student then fainted and had to be taken to hospital where she was admitted and released the following day.

The police say that same day, another woman was raped by a man fitting the description of the student's abductor.