Reggae Sumfest partners with Bacchanal Jamaica

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sumfest-2018-bacchanal-photo-1.jpgDownsound Entertainment (DSE), through its Reggae Sumfest Brand, will be partnering with Bacchanal Jamaica as the presenting sponsor of Bacchanal Live, to be held on Friday , March 23 at the Mas Camp. It will be the first live event of the season and will feature Queen of Bacchanal Destra and the Bakanal band. In addition, the Reggae Sumfest truck will be a part of the road parade on Sunday , April 8.

"DownSound Entertainment is about offering first class entertainment" remarked Joe Bogdanovich, Chairman of DSE, "and we are also about inclusiveness. Over the last two years we increased the following for Reggae Sumfest significantly, both locally and globally and that remains our main focus. This year we have started the promotions of the festival early and our campaign is vibrant. The carnival audience is very similar to our Sumfest audience and our partnership with Bacchanal Jamaica will help us to promote Sumfest to a large fun-loving audience, looking for new opportunities for great entertainment. Carnival, like Sumfest, brings in many visitors to the island, particularly to Kingston. This can only help to build our economy and this therefore fulfills another objective of DownSound Entertainment and Reggae Sumfest."


Skatta Burrell, DownSound team member expanded on some of the joint marketing initiatives and shared that "street promotions for Reggae Sumfest started with the Sumfest Dolls making the rounds of Bacchanal and other events in the lead up for the carnival season and now they will also be in the road parade with the Reggae Sumfest truck which is well known for its striking and vibrant design. We will be spicing it up for Carnival and it will certainly be the most impressive truck in the parade. We will be mixing in just a taste of our Reggae Sumfest style with the music of pretty mas, adding to the vibes on the road."

"Reggae Sumfest is a one of a kind event", commented Karla Jankee of DSE, "always exciting, always with its own style, and our Sumfest Dolls will definitely stand out as they join the parade clad in unique costumes featuring the exquisite designs of Nish Kollections. Of course they will be tweaked specially to fit into the carnival theme.

When asked about the association, Charmaine Franklin, director of Bacchanal Jamaica remarked, " We welcome DownSound Entertainment to the Bacchanal family. We believe that there are synergies that can work very well between Reggae Sumfest and Carnival. More and more of the soca performers are doing collaborations with reggae and dancehall artistes developing a crossover sound that is very catchy and very much liked by all Caribbean people. It is therefore a good time for this collaboration of the two events. We can definitely work together for the development of both and the Bacchanal team is committed to also working with DownSound to promote Reggae Sumfest.

Tickets for Bacchanal Live are already on sale online and will go on sale in the outlets soon.

Additional information on Sumfest's week of activities and early bird tickets can be found at Reggae Sumfest | Our Music, Our Festival