Reggae Boy Damion Lowe blasts Bolt in FB post

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damion-lowe.jpgDamion Lowe, the son of former national player Onandi Lowe, has take Usain Bolt to task for his "disrespectful" comments regarding the Reggae Boyz.

In a FB post, the young Lowe told Bolt: "You're basically degrading all the work your fellow Jamaicans have put to get us into the top 50, to have only lost 5 games out of 18."

"You guys should stop seeing Jamaica football as it was in the past. We are rising and it's evident with our results and rankings."

"I guess Mr. Bolt u would rather go represent another country because u think they aren't good enough for your talents. Look what you did for Jamaica it opened so many doors it shined a light on us," Lowe wrote.

"Imagine if u had taken that talent to another country, who would be breaking records for us? who would be winning back to back golds?

"Just like the young man you are talking about if he plays for Jamaica he will be seen as a Jamaican creating wonders in world football and it will give other young players chances, it will open doors for many. If he plays for another country he won't be seen as an ambassador for Jamaica. Be proud no matter what the situation. Yes I'm not playing for the big leagues, but I'm gonna get there one day and I won't and will never regret playing for Jamaica. U know why? Because when I do brand Jamaica will be next to my name. Not Belgium, not Germany not Spain not Norway."

Kudos to you Mr. Lowe.