Peter Phillips gone a lead! 'It look like is Macaroni running the government'

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President of the opposition Peoples National Party PNP, Dr Peter Phillips, dropped a huge bowl of macaroni in Parliament on Monday when he listed out a litany of woes besetting the Jamaican government: "How can the government who gave up over four billion dollars in revenues in the past two years to the bauxite companies now claim they would have to impose new taxes in order to pay increases for teachers. What kind of madness is that...?"

Minister Phillips then said cheekily, "Sometimes, Mr Speaker, it look like is Macaroni running the government!"


Place mash up!


Video clip gone V-I-R-A-L.

Welcome to Jamaica, the land of wood and water and Macaroni.

For those of you who don't know, Macaroni is the true-to-life, reluctant Internet sensation whose attempts to drive his bus through dangerous waters went viral after it was posted online, complete with a voice saying over and over again, "A couldn't Macaroni that!"

As it turned out, it really wasn't Macaroni driving the bus, but somehow since that viral video, the memes followed and every ridiculous situation and incidents of buffoonery have attracted the label: "A must Macaroni do that."

So, is it really Macaroni who is running the government of Jamaica?

Macaroni, tell us it aint so. - Yasmine Peru

Watch the video clip below of Peter Phillips having his Macaroni Moment.