Peter Bunting's son remains hospitalised after fight with music producer Anju Blaxx

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anju-blaxx-and-brent-bunting.jpgBusinessman, Brent Bunting, the son of Central Manchester Member of Parliament and former National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, up to Thursday, was reportedly is still in hospital and his condition was listed as serious.

This follows a fight with music producer Anju Blaxx and a gang of men at a complex in supper St Andrew last Friday. According to reports online, Brent Bunting reportedly complained that loud music which was being played at the complex was preventing his child from sleeping. It's further alleged that a physical altercation ensued and Bunting was tossed down a flight of stairs by Blaxxx and several men.

It's also alleged Blaxxx and his associates stomped on Bunting's face after he was tossed down the staircase.

Bunting's jaw was fractured and he suffered an injury to his eyes.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery was performed on the younger Bunting on Tuesday.

Blaxx reportedly received minor facial injury during the altercation. Both men have accused each other of being the aggressor.

37-year-old Blaxx, whose given name is Andrew Myrie, has been charged with wounding with intent in connection with the incident, while 27-year-old Bunting has been charged with unlawful wounding.

When contacted Wednesday, Head of the St. Andrew North Police Division, Superintendent Glenford Miller, told our news centre that he was in a meeting and could not comment.

In an interview posted online, Brent's father, Peter Bunting is quoted as saying that his son is "lucky to be alive".

The reporter quotes Bunting thus: "Most of the media is carrying publicity for Anju Blaxx when they are not aware of the details of the case. I was not there but from the accounts I have been getting, he is lucky to be alive, some of them had knives, and some even came to his home trying to kick off his door. He had been retreating from the situation and they ran him down and pulled him down the stairs. He was not the aggressor," Producer, Andrew Myrie otherwise called 'Anju Blaxx' walked free from wire fraud charges in the United States in August 2016. His attorney in the case, KD Knight told the press at the time that his client, Anju BLaxx did not make a plea deal with federal agents in the US state of North Dakota where he was charged. Charges against Anju Blaxx were dismissed in the United States after the prosecution there moved a motion for the case to be dismissed.

Anju Blaxx subsequently pleaded guilty in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to aiding in the making of a false declaration to Jamaica Customs in 2013. He was fined $250,000.