Kenya embraces Freddie, Culture and Reggae music

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freddie-kenya.jpgFreddie McGregor, Culture and Reggae music dominated the landscape of Nairobi, Kenya, last weekend as the Big Ship Captain and his entourage sailed into the country for a long-awaited performance.

It was a show like no other and one which far surpassed the high expectations of the throngs which went to witness the legends live in performance.

Culture's performance in Nairobi was a two and a half hour set that was well received. Kenyatta Hill, aka Culture, has a large fan base in Africa and Kenya's people gobbled up some conscious Reggae music.Hill went on his feet and you could feel him through every energetic performance.


Freddie McGregor's set lasted almost four hours and not even the rain could stop his show.The rain seemed endless as showers continued throughout his performance.The audience participation was tremendous as Kenyans sang McGregor's songs word for word.

The audience of on or around 4,000 patrons got wet from Culture's performance to McGregora.This audience was passionate and made the artiste feel warm.

A rain-soaked Freddie told his audience, "I love you Kenya...if you wanna get wet,I can too..Promise to give you all your request!"

That was a reference to the 50-song request list that Freddie received when he made his entry into Kenya days earlier, when he was greeted by a throng of journalists, Twelve Tribe supporters and fans.

"Do you have any idea how popular you are here?" the journalists asked the legendary Reggae singer.

The hugely successful Jamhuri Reggae Festival was promoted by Head Cornerstone Entertainment.