Kenny Bling to release debut EP 'Still Working'

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kenny-bling-photo-2.jpgAfar Music Group artiste, Kenny Bling, is in anticipation mode as his label is set to release his debut EP ''Still Working", on Friday March 2, 2018.

The six-track EP comprises three songs which have already been released and three brand new offerings which Kenny Bling is confident will connect with his ever growing fan base.

Known for his smooth delivery and flow, the artiste has a knack for picking normal, everyday topics such as friendship and loyalty and injecting a twist which makes the ultimate difference between good and great. Kenny did this with the singles ''Mi Chargie'' on the popular ''Level Up'' riddim and ''Bubble Fimi'' his second release, which was geared towards his female fans who gravitated to the song's lyrical content and wide-ranging appeal. Both of these songs, along with "Choices", a positive dancehall song which educates the youths about the importance of making good choices, appear on the EP.

Since signing with Afar Music Group in May 2017, Kenny has released a slew of songs, and has been steadily building his repertoire and gaining recognition in the dancehall arena locally and internationally. A video for the song ''Mi Chargie'' was filmed in Steel Lane, Stony Hill the home town of Kenny Bling and social media promotion via Instagram for "Bubble Fimi" took the single to another level with a dance competition hosted by popular dancer Dancehall Queen Sher.

Encouraged by the positive feedback, Kenny Bling declares that he has a responsibility to keep on working, hence the name of his debut EP. As he explains, "This music is a process, not only to make but to deliver to the consuming ears....and since life is a journey to us the process never stops. So we are continuously working on perfecting the music and life, hence the title ''Still Working."