KD Knight threatens to 'rouse up' Jamaicans

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kd-knight-photo-1.jpgOpposition Senator K D Knight has threatened to 'rouse up' Jamaicans against the Government if it does not present a crime plan by the end of April.

At Tuesday's sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said a crime plan will be revealed but said he was waiting for the Parliament to back it.

"As I said there is one element that we have not yet settled. The crime plan must include in it, something to say that this Parliament agrees on a set of actions; that we are carving out national security as an area where there is bipartisan support for the policy," Holness said.

Speaking in the Senate this morning, Knight took issue with Holness' pronouncement calling it a public relations tactic.

"Prime Minister come out with this plan; say something that the nation can galvanise around. A wishy-washy approach won't work. People are in fear! People want to know what you are doing; if you can do something; if your government is up to the task. People just don't want some band-aid approach," Knight said.

He made the remark in his contribution to the debate on the resolution to extend the State of Public Emergency in the St. Catherine North Police Division.