Is Buju's 'Adams for Commissioner' song a new tune or an old song?

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buju-banton-photos-2.jpgIf the recently released new song from Grammy winning, incarcerated Dancehall artiste, Buju Banton, a new song, then would that mean that the Gargamel --- like somebody who's in jail in Jamaica -- is recording behind bars in the US?

The single under review is entitled 'Send Back Adams' and it was released last month, on the Crushroad Music label. The song piggybacks on the sentiment expressed in some quarters that the best man for the then vacant post of police commish is former hard-nosed crime fighter, retired Senior Superintendent of Police Reneto Adams. (NB: the vacancy has now been filled.)

While this was a recent hot topic, the fact is tht this is the first time the "Adams for Commissioner' debate has popped up.

We tried to link Buju to hear from his lips if this is really new cereal, but alas, he didn't return our calls.

However, there is some reason to believe that 'Send Back Adams' is an old tune that has been given a rebirth.

According to one historian, the song was actually released in 2007, eleven years ago, on the Rapid Burst riddim and that Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, actually had two songs on the riddim.

The same person also suggests that the producer of the song is just trying a ting "cause Gargamel soon touch road.'

Buju Banton aka Gargamel, is scheduled to be released from prison in the US, the McRae Correctional Facility in Georgia, in less than nine months time, on December 8 2018.. He was convicted on drug charges in 2009. - Yasmine Peru

Watch the Youtube video below:
Buju Banton - Send Back Adams - February 2018