Government wants citizens to pay for street lights!

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andrew-holness-photo-4.jpgThe Government of Jamaica is considering making citizens pay for the street lights. This would mean an increase in the already high light bill of each householder, the majority of whom are already paying a hefty taxes to the government.

They are also contemplating using the proceeds from the planned sale of its 20 per cent stake in the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) to pay the over $7 billion it owes to the company for streetlights.

Addressing how the government plans to pay future bills, Shaw said the government was considering having Jamaicans pay for it in their light bills.

The money owed for streetlights was revealed by finance minister Audley Shaw, during Wednesday's sitting of the Standing finance Committee of Parliament.

Early last year the outstanding debt stood at $5 billion.Shaw said the debt was now a matter of utmost importance and his ministry is looking at options for making the payments.

Finance and the Public Service Minister Audley Shaw told members of Parliament that the final decision to sell Government shares in the JPS rests with the Cabinet but noted that the approach would be to offer these shares to the public.

The National Water Commission and other government agencies owe the JPS another $2 billion.