Did Spice put on too much "hoc-cent' in promo Love & Hip Hop clip?

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spice-photo-5.jpgThat's the question being asked on social media after Spice posted her clip.

On Tuesday, a promotional video of the Dancehall artiste playing a game "Two truths and a bluff" was posted and immediately social media went into overdrive, with some blasting Spice for selling out Jamaica because she made her Jamaican accent disappear. Others defended her by saying that she had to talk that way so that the viewers would understand what she is saying since many foreigners do not understand the Jamaican accent.

The first official video of Spice from the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta showed Spice making three statements and fans were asked to state which two are true and which one was a lie.

The "Duffle Bag" rapper shared that Alicia Keys told her she was beautiful, former United States president slapped her on her ass, and she used to live in London. As expected the bit about Obama was the bluff. As Spice said, "Of course he didn't slap me on my ass...but everyone knows that I have a crush on Barack Obama...