Cops ID other Green Island students who beat, chop bus driver

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With one of the students from Green Island High School in Hanover who were caught on video viciously attacking a bus driver with knives and stones last week, being already in police custody, the hunt is on for the others who have been identified from the video.

The boy in custody was accompanied by his father when he surrendered to the police on Friday. The father took the initiative reportedly after seeing the video that is circulating on social media.

Now police investigator, who have identified the boys who were actively involved in the incident, are zeroing in on the school community to produce the suspects.

The police are reported to be in discussion with the school's administration to have the boys taken in for questioning.

The video recording has at least five boys attacking the bus operator with knives, a chopper and stones at a bus stop after the operator had made a purchase from a vendor.

One of the boys, with the chopper menacingly in hand, violently slapped the bus man in the face, which spurred on the other boys to join in the attack.

This was while female students on the scene were seemingly recording the incident, labelling it as a report coming "live from Green Island", and, in the process, fostering the assault on the man.

Under relentless attack, the victim first makes a feeble attempt to defend himself, before fleeing into the bus.

The vehicle is then stoned by the attackers, resulting in damage to the unit, including some of its windows.

The bus had passengers when it came under attack, and there are reports that some of the occupants were injured in the process