Cops chase, catch thief who snatched phone from Merl Grove student

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A fifth form student at Merl Grove High School on Constant Spring Roads is singing praises to the policemen who ran down and held a young scoundrel who grabbed her phone at the bust stop last Friday.

The CSEC student had just exited the school after her Geography extra class on Friday when a group of careless boys passed her and her friends and one grabbed her phone out of her hand and simply continued walking.

"The boy just said "Gimme dis" and took my phone," the shocked student was overheard telling her friends.

Upon realising that there were policemen stationed at intersection of Gore Terrace, Constant Spring Road and Dunrobin Avenue, the girls made an alarm and alerted the cops. The bleached out face hoodlum and his other undesirable mates walked out into the middle of the busy Constant Spring Road, skilfuly dodging speeding vehicles, as they made a bid to escape the cops, who were heading in their direction.

The brave officers showed their determination to duty when they immediately chased the boys and caught the phone grabber, who was easily identified by the Merl Grove student. Alas, however, the phone was not found in his possession. Nonetheless, he was bundled into waiting police vehicle and taken to the station, where his mother was called and informed of the incident.

The phone was finally retrieved by the police, however, the screen had been damaged.

Kudos to the cops on a job well done.