Calls for Ruddy Spencer to withdraw controversial comments

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ruddy-spencer.jpgState minister Rudyard Spencer has found himself in the midst of a firestorm of criticism for telling labourites at a political meeting in Bellefield, Manchester on the weekend that now that a member of the JLP is now at the helm of the RADA, whatever issues they had faced with receiving assistance from the entity, which provides agricultural extension services, were of the past.

SPENCER: Labourites, we have a system where we will now have our own chairman of RADA and things have been happening and things can happen at RADA. But naturally, you will meet some bottlenecks because we have just taken over the system and we are trying to find our way around the system. Where you never have a parish manager for RADA, you now have a Labourite being the chairman of RADA, so whatever problems you use to have ...

(Spencer pauses to hear advice of someone reminding him that the media were present.)

SPENCER: No, no I want them hear.

MAN IN AUDIENCE: Mine weh you a talk seh

SPENCER: Whatever problems you use to have, I believe now most of those problems would have gone away because you have your own manager to assist in the management of RADA ... So therefore, you can't say that you are getting no attention, you can't say nothing is happening, because in fairness, you have your own manager, to report whatever problems you have and expect him to solve those problem.