13 listed as Persons of Interest

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Thirteen persons have been listed as persons of interest by the Kingston Western Police.

Police investigators say they can assist them in several matters currently under investigation.

All 13 are being asked to report to the Denham Town Criminal Investigations Branch by 6:00 p.m. Friday, March 23.


1) David Reid otherwise called 'BJ' of Greenwich Park Road, Kingston 5 and St William Pathway, Kingston 12.

2) Mikail Green otherwise called 'Mosquito' or 'Blacks' of Brynes Street, Kingston 12.

3) Leonardo Campbell otherwise called 'Money' of Harris Street, Kingston 13.

4) Rohan James alias 'Warder' of James Street, Kingston 13.

5) Mugarvey Walker otherwise called 'Life' of Golden Heights, Kingston 14.

6) Rory Headlen otherwise called 'Bowa' of Upper West Street, Kingston.

7) Roger Shaw alias 'Bucky-five star' of Rousseau Road, Kingston 5.

8) Nakeam Kirkpatrick nickname 'OJ' of DeeCee Avenue, Kingston 14.

9) Yeahkark Walker otherwise called 'Prince' of Sunlight Street, Kingston 13.

10) Shadane McKenzie otherwise called 'Murphy' of Sunlight Street, Kingston 13.

11) Oshane Cooper otherwise called 'OB' of Blount Street, Kingston 14 and a Tivoli Gardens Address.

12) Fabian Lynch otherwise alias 'Dozer' or 'Junior' of Chamberlin Road and 4th Street, Kingston 12.

13) Shaquille Harrison otherwise called 'Coke Dust' of Mckenzie Drive, Kingston 14