Third man charged in Simone Collymore's muder

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omar-best-collymore-angela-aguiar-simone-campbell-collymore.jpgDetectives have charged a third man in connection with the shooting death of St Andrew businesswoman, 32-year-old Simone Campbell-Collymore and 36-year-old taxi driver, Winston Walters.

He has been identified as Dwight Pink, who had been in custody for some time before charges were laid on him on Friday. He has been charged alongside Campbell-Colloymore's husband, Omar 'Best' Collymore, and 27 year-old labourer Michael Adams with murder and conspiracy to murder.

Collymore and Adams were remanded when they appeared before the Gun Court section of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday. They have been given until February 21 to settle legal representation. Pink was not taken to court.

The 35-year-old Collymore was slapped with murder and conspiracy charges for the execution style killing of his wife and her cab driver, after he was nabbed by detectives during an early morning operation at a guest house in St Elizabeth.

The two were shot and killed by men travelling on motor cycles outside an apartment complex on Stanley Terrace in Red Hills, St Andrew on January 2.

Collymore, who had been listed as a person of interest and asked to surrender to the police, instead went on the run. At the time of his arrest, he was reportedly making arrangements to flee the country by boat.

The United States citizen was himself attacked and shot while sitting in his vehicle at a business place in New Kingston about two weeks after his wife's murder. He and another man escaped with minor injuries.