Suspended sentence for machete beating mother

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machete-beaten.jpgA sentence has been handed down to the St. Thomas woman who was seen in a widely circulated video on social media last year beating her daughter with what appeared to be a machete.

Doreen Dyer, 44, was on Friday afternoon sentenced to three years probation when she appeared in the St. Thomas Parish Court in Morant Bay.

She has also been ordered to get parental counselling and attend anger management classes.

The presiding judge Mrs Lucian Jackson heard submissions from defense counsel Bertram Anderson and the Clerk of the Court.

After perusing the Social Enquiry Report, she said Miss Dyer's sentence would be three years probation, which is the maximum term the court is allowed to give.

Time was allowed for counsel to explain the sentence to Miss Dyer and when the matter was again called up, she pleaded guilty to the charge.

Miss Dyer broke down in tears when the sentence was handed down andlater said her goal now is to be reunited with her children.