Market seller beats, stabs, blind man who hit over her eggs

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crime-scene-tape-gloves.jpgPolice continue to investigate the stabbing incident involving a 58-year-old visually-impaired male vendor in the Coronation Market on Saturday and are seeking a female vendor who may be able to assist in their investigations.

The victim, Clive Mullings was visited by the police at the Kingston Public Hospital to take a statement.

Reports are that Mullings was walking through the market selling his wares, when he accidentally knocked over a tray of eggs belonging to the female vendor.

An argument developed between Mullings and the female vendor, and during the heated exchange, the woman reportedly used a piece of board to hit the senior citizen, before stabbing him, after which she fled the scene.

Reports are that persons had offered to pay for the eggs, but the woman was hellbent on exacting revenge.