Ishawna says it's 'slippery when wet'

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ishawna-photo-8.jpgAfter her controversial pro cunnilingus single, "Equal Rights" Ishawna is again up to her old tricks. This time, she telling those who don't know, that it's slippery when wet.

The former Downsound Records artiste released the Legendary Records/Jaxx and Staxx Records-produced single, "Slippery When Wet", on Friday.

The raunchy track comes on the heels of speculation about social media-loving Ishawna's absence from all platforms.

A social media regular, who's known for self-promotion via her steamy photos and sensuous poses, Ishawna now seems to be back on track ...literally.

It will be i nteresting to see how the new Slippery When Wet single will be devoured by her gaggle of female fans.