Did Omar Collymore pay $500,000 to have his wife Simone murdered?

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omar-colleymore-and-wife.jpgWord is that accused killer Omar Collymore paid contract killers $500,000 to kill his wife, Simone Campbell-Collymore. Mrs. Campbell-Collymore was shot and killed on January 2. She was killed shortly after she boarded a taxi in Red Hills, St Andrew and the taxi driver was also murdered during the incident.

Two men who're believed to be Collymore's co-conspirators are in custody in connection with the crime and Collymore himself has been remanded following his first court appearance.

Statements have been given to the police alleging that Collymore paid $500,000 to contract killers to have his wife murdered.

Investigators are theorizing that he killed his wife in pursuit of life insurance proceeds. Collymore, who has two children with Simone, is also a person of interest in the 2008 murder of Angela Aguiar in Florida. Both Aguiar and Omar Collymore late wife, Simone, had taken out life insurance policies and had named him as their beneficiary.

Although Omar Collymore is a United States citizen, he is originally from Barbados.