A which big artiste dem find a obeah man a tek bath with bottle dat write 'HIT SONG'?

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foota-hype-photo-1-cropped.jpgIf a laugh....!!!!

All right. So, controversial dancehall selector, Foota Hype, is up to his tricks. In the latest episode of his ongoing social media drama, Foota bawl it out loud dat dem ketch one big name dancehall artiste at the obeah man.

The selector-turn-producer-turn-social-media-desperado shared during his Instagram live last week that a popular Dancehall artiste was caught at a obeah man in St Thomas getting a bath recently. And not just that....the story get sweeter. According to Foota, a close friend of his went to the obeah worker for help with an upcoming trial but was told that a 'big celebrity' was there to see the science man, so Foota's friend was turned away that day.

Anyway, the science man gave Foota friend a lickle look and Foota friend ....NOT Foota himself, but Foota friend... and the friend saw the artiste who Foota says was in his underwear getting ready for a bath. Hear dis now, a bottle was beside the water with the words 'HIT SONG' write big and bold.

Foota was at pains to point out that he, Foota wasn't the one who saw the artiste. Cause that would cause social media to ask what Foota was doing at the science man yard.

Foota Hype also claims that the artiste is well-known and is now 'running the place' since the incident.