400 kilos of cocaine found in Russian embassy in Argentina

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jamaica-cocaine-seized.jpgBUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (AFP) -- Police have seized nearly 400 kilos of cocaine from the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires and arrested several members of a drug trafficking gang, Argentina's security minister announced Thursday.

Patricia Bullrich told a press conference that the drugs discovered in an annex of the embassy had a street value of around 50 million euros (about US$62 million).

"A gang of narco-criminals was trying to use the diplomatic courier service of the Russian embassy" to ship the drugs to Europe, she said.

She told reporters that Russian and Argentine police had decided to mount a sting operation after the Russian ambassador informed them of the drugs find in December 2016.

"The cocaine was replaced by flour and monitoring devices were placed to monitor delivery" of the 16 bags of the drug, Bullrich said. She said the sting had resulted in the arrest of five suspects -- two in Argentina and three in Russia.

The drug, of "very high purity," was destined for Russia and probably also Germany, where the suspected mastermind lives. "We believe the German police will arrest this fugitive," Bullrich said.

The minister said Russian security service agents "came to Argentina on three occasions to assist in the investigation", which took more than a year.

The cocaine was replaced by flour and monitoring devices were placed to monitor delivery"

Meanwhile, social media has been asking pertinent questions of the Jamaican police: "JCF are you looking? This is how you set traps and capture the drug dealers. Not by anouncing every drug find to the media and calling it a dent in the drug trade."

Another user wrote: "Maybe we need the JCF to take note of how to handle sensitive information and how to track them down. They can start with putting tracking devices in the bags of rice which it is claimed that the residents send to the gun men who are hiding in the hills after fleeing August Town. The JCF must remember that these are smart criminals because they listen to the news and know what and when to expect the police."