What you should know about inflammation from butt and other implants

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In defending the removal of her butt implants, K Michelle noted that Betsy (the nickname for her butt) caused inflammation through out her body.

"No amount of beauty is worth your health!"

Now according to The inflammation that Kimberly was talking about is something that can happen to implant patients.

The implantation of artificial organs, medical devices, or biomaterials results in injury and initiation of the inflammatory response. This inflammatory response to implants has as its components acute inflammation, chronic inflammation, foreign body reaction with granulation tissue, and macrophage and foreign body giant cell interactions.

But that's not all.

Butt injections using silicone are also extremely dangerous. The silicone is an unstable element and can move from the injection area. Should the silicone move to the lungs or the bloodstream, it can be fatal.

Permanent disfigurement is also possible. Commercial grade silicone is often used for illegal injections and in conjunction with implants or implant procedure, and this type of silicone is not FDA approved. The body may think the silicone is a foreign material and will react adversely.

Another potential risk is the development of abscesses or infections which can cause severe illnesses.

Other potential risks of butt implants include:- The possibility of excess bleeding, which could create the need for additional surgeries to stop the bleeding

- Fluid can collect around the implant and can potentially leak through the incision. This can entail additional surgery to correct.

- The possibility of nerve damage.