Shooting death at funeral in state-of-emergency parish St. James

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crime-scene-gun.jpgOne man has been confirmed dead and several other people injured following a shooting at a funeral in Quarrie, near Salt Spring , St James this afternoon.

Mourners were attending the funeral of he Oshane 'Ganda' Duhaney, the alleged leader of the Waltham Gang . Duhaney was murdered several weeks ago in St Ann.

The shooting happened despite the presence of security personnel who have increased their numbers in St James, now under a state of public emergency.

It is reported that moments after the hearse drove off from the church, a man pulled a firearm and pointed it at another man but was disarmed and shot several times.

He died on the spot.

During the ensuing melee, other men reportedly pulled guns and began firing wildly injuring several persons.

The shooters managed to escape.

However, it is understood that one weapon has since been recovered by members of the security forces.

There is now a strong police-military presence in the community and a helicopter hovering.

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