Lawyer found bludgeoned to death in St Ann

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lawyer-found-dead.jpgPolice are searching for clues connected to the murder of a St. Ann based attorney and social worker.

Lois Ferguson-McKoy, 54, of Heartstones Ridge Estate in Shaw Park, Ocho Rios, was last seen alive about 7:30 Wednesday evening.

Reports are Ferguson-McKoy, otherwise known as Neo Makeba, who is a returning resident, was last seen alive on Wednesday night in the company of a man who was living with her as a condition of his bail.

The police say after her mother became concerned after not seeing her for more than three days and asked a cousin to make checks.

On Saturday afternoon, her house was checked and she was seen lying face down in blood, dressed in a white blouse, blue jeans pants and a pair of black shoe.

The police say she had a wound to the right side of the head.

The police say the man was not seen at the house at the time of the discovery.