Husband of Simone Collymore hospitalised after attack by gunmen

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Omar Best Collymore, the husband of Simone Collymore, who was gunned down in Red Hills recently, was shot up on Friday as he was about to go into an insurance company to drop off papers for a claim.

Collymore and another man were shot several times, but report are that they are now both critical in hospital

Collymore was a suspect in the hit on his wife, and also remains a suspect in the 2008 murder of his then girlfriend in Florida. After her murder, Collymore collected US$40,000 in insurance money.

His new wife, Simone had reportedly taken out a two billion dollar insurance policy on her life.

Collymore, who was released without charges two Wednesdays ago, is said to have hired Peter Champagne as his lawyer.

As of now, the question remains, Who wanted Omar Best Collymore dead?

The funeral service for his wife Simone, will be held on Saturday at a church on Waltham Park Road.