Breakthrough in quadruple murder

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police-constable.jpgThe police have made a breakthrough into November's quadruple murder in Brighton, Westmoreland with the arrest of a man on the weekend.

The police say a Smith and Wesson pistol with 13 rounds were also taken from him.

On November 24, firefighters found the remains of four bodies following cooling down operations on a burned out unfinished housed.

The police have since confirmed that the persons found had been murdered.

News reports had identified the victims as 48-year-old Swedish woman Suzan Clarke; her husband, 32-year-old Alwin Clarke, also called Ziggy; his brother 30-year-old Derron Walters; and 31-one-year old Wayne Thompson, also called Bruckie.

The police say other people are being sought in connection with the murders.

They are urging people with information to call the Savanna-la-Mar Police at at 955-2758.