15-year-old boy fingered in murders and shootings

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crime-scene-tape.jpgA15-year-old boy, who has been implicated in several shootings and murders was reportedly arrested. According to reports, the boy who was also connected to the recent shooting in the vicinity of the Sangster International Airport, was captured in a building in Codac Street, Montego Bay.

According to one resident, the 15-year-old is one of the 'danger man' in the community, citing, "don't mek the boyish look fool yuh."

Moments after the teen was arrested, his mother rushed to the scene, crying and begging the security forces not to kill him. According to her, he was just young and misguided, while adding that her other son was killed last week on her birthday.

"Please don't kill him! A just last week dem shoot him bredda on mi birthday," she said, "Mi nah guh swear fi him because me nuh know wha him a do when him nuh inna me presence, but please don't hurt him," she added as tears poured from her eyes.