PNP Councillor and her son shot dead at home in Clarendon

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pnp-councillor-and-son-shot-dead.jpgPeople's National Party caretaker for the May Pen division Carol Ebanks and her son, Jevon Myles, were Wednesday night shot dead at their home in Paisley, Clarendon.

It is reported that Ebanks and her children were in the shop when gunmen invaded the premises firing several shots.

Four of her five children ran for safety but the gunmen reportedly cornered Myles, placed him to lie face down then shot him execution style.

The gunmen then went back into the shop and shot Ebanks who had been hurt in the first round of shooting.

Former mayor of May Pen and councillor for the Hayes division, Scean Barnswell visited the home this morning.

Barnswell said he was saddened death.

"She was quiet, willing and very helpful. She is not the type who would be in a quarrel or contention with anyone," he said.

Two nights ago another woman was shot dead in Clarendon and a teen girl injured.