Sean Kingston posts a pic of his Bae and some fans are not loving it

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So....Sean Kingston poses up with his very-light-skinned-close to-white Bae on Social media and is getting some anti-social feedback. Why?

Well, some say that Bae is just too light and that Sean is just following the trend of 'successful', or rather 'mek a lickle money' black men who think that having a white.brown skin girl is verification of that success.

"They say it comes when u least expect it!," Kingston wrote on Saturday when he uploaded a photo with his new bae. "Love is real every king deserves a queen [Amarii] you are the chosen one."

Truth be told, some fans of the artiste are happy that Kingston has found love, but several social media users called him out on his Bae's complexion

"Smh, these Jamaican artiste always frighten for brown woman when dem get little money," one user wrote, while another shared their theory on why Jamaican acts prefer to date women of fair complexion, "it's an inferiority complex. It's an 'achievement', it's confirmation that they have made it, not for all but for most."

He is one of a long list of entertainers to be blasted on social media for the complexion of his girlfriend.sean-kingston-and-girlfriend.jpg