Popcaan calls Chi Ching a 'wannabe Unruly'... worries in the camp?

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popcaan-photo-6.jpgThe Unruly Boss, Popcaan is clearly not having anything to do with unruly Chi Ching and he made this very clear over the weekend, thus giving life to the rumours that there is a problem between Ching and Popcaan. In 2015, Popcaan signed Ching to his Unruly label and the two developed a close friendship since then.

People have been saying for months that there is an issue between the two, especially since Sean Paul took Ching on tour and the long tongue Foota Hype stirred up trouble by calling out Popcaan for not doing the same for Ching, who, up until then was a prominent member of the Unruly camp.

chi-ching-ching.jpgWell, last weekend, one of Popcaan's right hand men, Petro Unruly posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it "#CrazyCrazy #Outside." Chi Ching Ching commented on the photo with a simple tick emoji and that sent Popcaan into overdrive.

He commented: "[Petro Unruly] tell some wanna be unruly don't nuff up ina real unruly business."

Wannabe Unruly versus Real Unruly...what the hell is that all about? Aren't all Unrulys equal? Obviously not. And to top it all, in a move which some see as "petty" Popcaan also un-followed Ching on Instagram