Ninjaman needs heart surgery urgently

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ninja-man-photo-8.jpgControversial dancehall artiste Ninjaman need heart surgery urgently.

On Tuesday, the Ninjaman was diagnosed with a serious heart problem that requires urgent medical attention.

Reports are that Ninja will need three to four months to recover after the operation.

"We have the medical, Ninjaman has a serious heart condition, and he will have to have an operation which will require a recovery period of three to four months. So we want to finish this case as quickly as possible because Ninjaman cannot go under any stress right now and has to remain as calm as possible," Valerie Neita Robinson, Ninjaman's attorney, is reported as saying.

Despite the devastating news, Ninjaman is expected to return to court for his murder trial today (Wed).

Neita-Robinson says her team is now pressing for Ninjaman's case to end so he can be removed from the stressful environment as doctors told him to remain as calm as possible.

The dancehall artiste suffered a mild heart attack in the Supreme Court on Friday morning while his murder trial was underway.

Ninja Man, real name Desmond Ballentyne, along with his son, Jameil, and another man, Dennis Clayton, are on trial for the murder of Ricardo "Trooper" Johnson who was shot and killed on Marl Road, Kingston 11, in March 2009.

In spite of his condition, Ninjaman is expected to return to court on Wednesday.