Grace Jones makes madcap appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show

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grace-jones-interview-photo-1.jpgLegendary Jamaican-American singer Grace Jones is known for her quirkiness, and she didn't disappoint during a madcap appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show.

The superstar, 69, stunned the presenter when she suddenly leaped on to his desk, pretending to be a cat.

A wary Jonathan said he had been warned about Grace as an interviewee adding he was 'scared' of what the iconic performer would do.

He then asked her what people expect of her and she replied: 'I do the opposite of what everyone expect... They expect me to crawl on the table and do this.'

She then growled and playfully swiped at the host, appearing to imitate the infamous moment from a 1980 interview with Russell Harty where she slapped him live on air.

Jonathan laughed as Grace crawled around on the desk, before jumping back down on to the couch.

She then clutched her heart joking that it was 'too much' for her adding: 'I can't do that all the time I'm a grandmother now.'

The host responded: 'How do you think I feel, I nearly s*** myself.'

Viewers watching the ITV chat show at home were thrilled at the spontaneous moment, with one saying: 'Grace Jones being utterly incredible within 10 seconds.'

'Not listening to a word that is being said, just watching Grace Jones almost having a cardiac arrest on the sofa,' said a second.

Another viewer commented on the singer's appearance adding: 'Grace Jones defies the ageing process. She looks magnificent for a lady of senior years. Respect Mrs Jones.'