Cops probe suicide video of St. Mary teen: 'Unuh probably know by now say me dead'

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"Welcome, this is the first video me a mek why me kill myself. Unuh probably know by now say me dead." These are the spine-chilling words from a 13-year-old boy, who reportedly committed suicide last week, using a licensed firearm belonging to his step-father..

Police say they are aware of many claims being made in the public domain that the video was that of Davion Johnson from Grange Hill, Westmoreland and who was found dead in St Mary on Sunday, November 12.

They have launched an investigation to determine if the video is that of the same 13-year-old boy.

In the video, which is two minutes and 43 seconds long, the teen says, among other things, that he hated being on a bus with school children as they acted like "idiots and lick lick yuh in a yuh head." He said he wanted to shoot them and kill them. In relation to his own future, he said he wanted to grow up and kill people, but he would rather find it better now to do it to himself as he felt this was a better way.

Admitting that there was a possibility that the suicide attempt may fail and that he may end up in the hospital, he plainly stated that he did not want this to happen.

The boy in the video also admitted that he had tried to commit suicide in the past but he could not deal with the pain.

He ends the video with the words:"Rest in peace... Later."