After 'Equal Rights' Ishawna tells them to 'Eat It'!

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ishawna-photo-7.jpgSimply take the letter 'B' off Michael Jackson's pop anthem 'Beat It' and you will get the name and musical score of Ishawna's Equal Rights follow-up single. Ishawna previewed the track last week and the feeling is that "Eat It" - the title of the song - is pushing the envelope a bit too far.

Mix-up-Foota-Hype, Ishawna's ex is agreeing with Dancehall fans who feel that Eat It is just too saucy to be cute.

Mix-up-Foota-Hype believes Ishawna is becoming too dependent on controversy to remain relevant.

Ishawna, however, continues to promote 'Eat It' like it's going out of style.