Yasus Afari sits on his ears in Gordon House; played deaf when told to stand for prayers

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Dub poet Yasus Afari seemed to have been sitting on his ears in Gordon House Thursday afternoon. He point blank refused to stand during the opening proceedings during sittings of the Houses of Parliament and not even when he was threatened with being thrown out of Gordon House did he budge.

Yasus and a group of Rastafarians arrived in Gordon House and sat in the gallery, however, he remained seated as the mace was brought into the chamber and prayers said.

According to reports, House speaker Pearnel Charles halted the proceedings to tell all persons seated in the gallery that they were supposed to stand or they would be removed from the House. However, it fell on deaf ears as the outspoken poet seemed to have been sitting on his ears.

The Rastafarian community is paying keen attention to the debate on the bill 'National Heroes and Other Freedom Fighters (Absolution from Criminal Liability in Respect of Specified Events)'.