White masseuse cow bawling over Chris Gayle male part?????

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chris-gayle-photo-6.jpgSo why the white masseuse woman put down one piece a cow bawling when she see Chris Gayle man part?

She say she went into the changing room for a towel and Chris Gayle move him towel from his waist and ask her if is this she looking for She tell the story to some news people inna Australia and now Gayle sue the paper because him seh is lie the white woman a tell pon him.

She tell the court how she start one piece a hell bawling when the incident happen and how she did traumatized. What the hell? Isn't she a maaeuse? Don't she suppose to see dem tings deh inna her line a work when she a knead up people body on a daily basis.

Anyway, here is what John Public had to say about this woman:


Why did she cry uncontrollably, was he the first naked man she saw? is it the first time she had been proportioned by a man in her line of business? Gayle this is becoming a habit of women accusing you, check yourself/body language to see what you might be doing wrong.

Reader: "There are two sides to this 'poor woman' who cried uncontrollably...


Notice none of these sexual harassment cases.in this case allege body parts exposure ever happen between these females and ordinary joe blows walking the street[hardly any poor guys].its always the Chris Gayles.the Actor.the Basketball player.the football player. otherwise people with a lot of money.one female has a case going right now with a Dallas cowboy football player where she was bold enough to come clean before she accuse him of sexual battery right after he kicked her out of his mansion.she told him 'this is America so i am white they will believe me before they believe you a black guy..as i said before these guys cant look at some of these dishonest females cross eyed.as they will be sued.the ever corrupting greenback along with the sleezy lawyer just sit and wait..


yuh know seh a suh it mostly guh fi true - which poor, unpopular man wi hear dat woman sue him for sexual harassment? right now i cant recollect one such incident -

bout she put down one piece a cow bawling after seeing his male anatomy - hiss teet...

although mi did waan bawl inna my early twenties when mi buck up pon one mad man and si him ting - all now mi memba it - de ugliest ting mi eva si! it did almost touch de ground!