Usain Bolt thought he was 'going to die' when Lewis Hamilton took him for a spin

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usain-and-lewis.jpgThe fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, admits to being scared and claimed he thought he was 'going to die' after Lewis Hamilton drove him around the Circuit of the Americas prior to the US Grand Prix.

The Jamaican sprinter was on hand to witness the 32-year-old cruise to victory in Austin as he closes in on a fourth world championship.

The Brit star and the eight-time Olympic champion pose for a photo in the Mercedes garage

Bolt - who waved the green flag to start the formation lap - revealed the experience of being in the Mercedes AMG roadcar was far from enjoyable.


He said: "There's no words to describe it. The g-force on that was real. It was stressful.

"The first lap was aggressive and good and then when he took the traction control off I thought I was going to die.

"I'm stressed. I'm stressed. I need to take five. I was not ready for that. I was screaming a little bit."

While Hamilton revelled in the delight at scaring the eight-time Olympic champion, but declared in trying to frighten Bolt, he almost crashed on multiple occasions.

The Brit said: "That was probably the most fun passenger ride I've ever done. I was on the limit. We nearly crashed several times. I wasn't watching where I was going. Don't do that at home.

"It was so good. I pushed the car to the max because I wanted to scare him to death.

"He talks about being the fastest dude in the world, but I can still make him scared a little bit."