PNP corrects erroneous Young Jamaica claim about Shane Alexis

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shane-alexis.jpgThe People's National Party says it has taken note of a press release issued by Young Jamaica, the youth arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, contents of which have been published in the media.

The Party issued a statement stating that contrary to the assertions made in the press release, Dr. Shane Alexis was not granted a scholarship through the Jamaica/Cuban programme which over many years has afforded Jamaicans the opportunity to study in the neighbouring country free of cost.

TherRelease said Dr. Alexis studied at his family's expense and to his credit has spent all of his professional years serving the Jamaican people in the public health system.

Dr Alexis has instructed his attorneys to pursue legal redress in this matter, as he and his family have been hurt by the false and defamatory charges contained in the press release.