Parenting Support Commission joins machete-beating probe

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machete-beaten.jpgThe National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC) has joined the probe into the incident in which a 44 year old woman in St. Thomas used a machete to beat her 12 year old daughter.

The woman was detained last weekend, after the incident, which was recorded, went viral on social media.

Kaysia Kerr, Chief Executive Officer of the National Parenting Support Commission, said the agency will be speaking with other entities investigating the matter. This is aimed at streamlining and coordinating the intervention to ensure that the child gets the type of support needed.

In an interview with RJR News on Monday, Ms Kerr said her office will also speak with the woman in an effort to "start changing (the) mindset about how we go about punishing."

"The fact that your parents might have punished you by hitting does not make it right. There are other non-violent ways of ensuring that children comply to what's expected of them." she asserted.

Ms Kerr said she is deeply distressed by the video, especially in relation to what the child has been subjected to.

"A young girl is now thrust in the limelight in a way that she perhaps would not have bargained for. It's almost as if she's now going to be the poster child for abuse because her face was shown in the video," she argued.

Police have interviewed the mother involved in the incident. She is expected to be charged with cruelty to a child.

Her daughter has been released into the custody of a relative.