Popcaan protests bad roads in St Thomas

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popcaan-protest.jpgPopcaan stood with members of his hometown community in the parish of St. Thomas, in a peaceful protest against the deplorable state of the roads in the parish.

According to the 'Unruly Boss' who hails from York in the parish, he joined the protest as he believes using his influence was the only way to gain the attention from the media and government.

"Long time the people dem a try get help and nobody nah do nothing," he said. "Suh mi know seh if the unruly boss deh yah dem ago watch and see. St Thomas is a parish where we don't have a lot of things, but right now, we're just asking for the road rasta," he added.

Popcaan led the charge throughout the parish, with stops in major communities such as Bath, Port Morant, and the capital Morant Bay. In a series of videos and photographs making the rounds online, Popcaan can be seen standing among community members, holding a cardboard placard with the words 'We need road.'

Just last week, the Unruly deejay who hails from the parish of St. Thomas, hosted international media in his home parish as part of a 360 degree tour of Jamaica.