DI slams Ishawna for chatting her behind her back; now the two rivals are 'warring'

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ishawna-hot-pic.jpgControversial Dancehall artist Ishawna and Bad Gyal DI are having quite a tiff and this has even spilled over into a lyrical feud. Oh bwoy!

DI has released a diss track aimed at Ishawna and MS Legendary has answered.

Dancehall artist Danielle D.I has broken her silence on her new diss track 'Talk Up' which is aimed at rival Ishawna.

Th 'Bad Gyal' says she decided to record the single after sources close to Ishawna told her that the 'Equal Rights' singer was chatting her behind her back."Reliable sources have confirmed that she is being seriously malicious. I will have to come for you and I am going to do so lyrically because these babies can't handle it if things should go any other way," she said.

According to the Star, DI questioned Ishawna's lyrical capability and skills on the microphone, saying she doubts Ishawna would be brave enough to respond to her song.

"She can't talk up to me on record because she is not articulate enough, she is not lyrical enough and she don't have crap to say either. She will just have to hold her mouth in silence," she said

D.I released 'Talk Up' last Tuesday and says she made the feud lyrical because Ishawna couldn't handle it if things should go any other way.

As expected, Ishawna has responded with a diss ectitled 'Heat Shot'.

Following the release of the single Ishawna took to Insta to post, "Pressure dem like Cow Foot..." That post was quickly followed by one from the 'Rebel' singer who wrote, "Knowledge is power, "boss b**hes have to get their reading on."