Corey Todd apologises to Devin Di Dakta; case to be settled through mediation

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Nightclub operator, Corey Todd apologised to Devin Di Dakta in court on Wednesday, after which the assault matter was dismissed, and referred instead to mediation.

the matter came up for hearing Wednesday, defence attorney Peter Champagnie declared that the men wanted to settle to the matter through mediation. After a brief discussion between the parties, Devin di Dakta told the Parish Judge that he did not wish to pursue the case.

Todd was charged last year with assaulting Magnum Kings and Queens winner Devin di Dakta.

Prosecutors had reported that Mr. Todd confronted Devin di Dakta at his Taboo Nightclub on Constant Spring Road in St. Andrew and demanded that he apologise for using his name in a song.

During the confrontation the artiste was physically assaulted.