Apocalypse coming September 23?

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end-times.jpgSeptember 23 this year is set to mark the beginning of the apocalypse, according to several conspiracy theorists and doom-mongers.

The 'Rapture', set out in the Book of Revelation, will see 'worthy' Christians lifted into heaven by Jesus, while those remaining will be left to face the end of the world.

Now, an apocalyptic theory known as Revelation 12 Sign predicts the Rapture will soon be fulfilled with the appearance of 'a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.' Conspiracy theorists think an astronomical alignment involving the constellations Leo and Virgo, along with various other planets will fulfill this prophecy word-for-word.

The Rapture is the second coming of Jesus Christ as prophesied in John 14:1-3 where those who have lived 'sin free' lives meet the Lord.

Proponents of the outlandish theory say the women mentioned in the prophecy represents the constellation Virgo, while the crown of stars represents Leo.


The oldest person in the world who was the last living subject of Queen Victoria and worked for 'masters' on a Caribbean sugar plantation has died aged 117.

Violet Mosse Brown died in Jamaica at around 2.30pm on Saturday.

She became the world's oldest person on April 15 this year at 117 and 38 days, taking the title from Italian Emma Morano, whose life spanned three centuries and was born in 1899.


Mrs Mosse Brown was sent a plaque by Queen Elizabeth II when she became the oldest citizen of the Commonwealth.

She was also the last person who lived under the reign of Queen Victoria, as Jamaica still formed part of the British West Indies in 1900.

In her early life the supercentenarian worked on a sugar plantation and as a maid in the 'post slavery period', according to her family.

She went on to buy her own home and became a successful businesswoman selling bread from the only depot in her district.

Following her death, 117-year-old Nabi Tajima, of Japan, is now the world's oldest person.