Is deejay Kassanova pulling off a big PR stunt by 'disappearing'?

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kassanova-missing.jpgWord on the street is that Kassanova's so-called disappearnace is nothing more that a publicity stunt from an artiste who is desperately trying to get a buss int he dancehall.

According to reports, former Magnum Kings and Queens winner Jonnah recently released a diss video on his Insta scoffing at Kasanova's "massive publicity stunt".

"Stop trick the people dem and gwaan like yu waan style the ting...Tell the man fi go inna the studio and go meds something if yu waan buss, ah so oonu waan highlight? Ah so yu love likes and dem ting de bad man? Wah kinda controversy that? At tell people say yu dead and dem ting de. Stop tell lie, mi just see yu little while, how mi no see family ah come forward and bawl, mi no see it inna the Star, Observer or none of the main media outlet dem, so how oonu ah come ah tell lie?" Jonnah said.

"Tell the people dem say yu want a hit song. Ah the same ting we de ya ah do, just try and try again. Alkaline put in contact lenses and now yu a come fake your death. If yu have a real enemy and dem kill yu , then nothing caan come out of it because yu dun tell people say yu dead already, all eediat Lux know that."

He challenged Kasanova to a clash whenever he chose to eventually surface.

"Just know say whenever you come with wah yu a come with, yu haffi go clash it out," he warned.