Dancehall artiste Stamma Gramma picks up the pieces after girlfriend dies from liver cancer

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stamma-gramma-and-girlfriend.jpgstamma-gramma-photo-2.jpgDancehall artiste Stamma Gramma is slowly picking up the pieces of his life after his girlfriend died from liver cancer earlier this year. The artist who is now aligned with Alkaline's Vendetta campis currently seeking to make a return to entertainment scene

According the entertainer, he decided to remove himself from the spotlight in order to be with his spouse throughout her painful battle with the sickness.

He however admits it was not a easy decision to resume his craft, as he was left depressed for months following her death.

Stamma Gramma says he remains hopeful that a cure for the dreadful disease can be found in the near future, as he has witnessed its devastating effects first hand.

Stamma Gramma has since released a new single titled "Vendetta Clan Anthem," paying homage to the formula deejay.