2 Jamaican female athletes buss fight in London at World Championships!?

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shericka-jackson.jpgThis is sure a 'what the hell' moment. The two woman dem go all the way a World Championship inna London and FIGHT?! Over uniform?! REALLY?

So we heard Technical Director Donald Quarrie speak briefly to a local reporter who is in London about the madness in the camp and how an argument escalated to the point where he had to physically position himself between the two quarter milers quarter-milers Stephanie Ann McPherson and Shericka Jackson to prevent a huge fight. This confrontation took place right before the women's mile relay final at the IAAF World Championships in London on Sunday. Reports are that it all stemmed from a uniform issue. Quarrie did say that the argument started over something small and insignificant and then it escalated to the point where one of them - Stephanie Ann McPherson - said she wasn't running if the other was on the team.

"It (argument) started with a uniform thing, and I don't remember exactly why, because when it was beginning, I made sure I got in there to keep things normal. It escalated a little bit, but the main thing I was concerned about was keeping them apart," said Quarrie.


McPherson was subsequently diagnosed with an injury and withdrawn from the team by relay coach Paul Francis. Naturally, Quarrie is now seems to be questioning the authenticity of the information he was given.

"My main issue right now is the fact that one young lady said she was not going to run, suddenly. I show up at the track and her coach is telling me she has an injury and will not be able to run. The doctor did check with her and said it was a grade one something - I can't remember what it is - but I find it very strange that between the hotel and here (warm-up track), an injury could have occurred," said Quarrie.

"I am not going to put the blame on the young lady only. The coach is the one that said she cannot run, just as he said Elaine could not run. He gave me a reason that Elaine did not run in practice to the extent which he wanted should in case she had to push herself. She had not done that, so it was his decision," Quarrie continued before sharing the circumstances around the altercation between the athletes.

"There was a verbal altercation between herself and Shericka. She (McPherson) said it (that she would not run). I told her not to say so and that we should move on. In the heat of everything, I could forgive the young lady, but I would like to know why, in such a short space of time, I show up at the track, and she is not running." Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby was a last minute replacement for McPherson in the line-up alongside Chrisann Gordon, Jackson and Novlene Williams-Mills. The former Holmwood athlete however, suffered a leg injury 100m into her second-leg run before crashing to the ground and ending Jamaica's hopes of defending the title.