Why Tanya Stephens bash Portia so?

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tanya-stephens-photo-1.jpgA wha former prime minister Portia Simpson Miller do Tanya Stephens. Tanya write one piece sinting pon Facebook bout di honourable woman. It neva nice at all. "Hearing people lament Portia's departure is like seeing people congratulate my rapist for being a 'good man' ...she isn't a good person," Tanya Stephens said. According to Tanya Stephens, Portia is unqualified, embarrassing and awful, adding that she is happy to see her leave.

portia-simpson-miller-jis-official-photo.jpgLook here, that is a serious statement, especially coming from another woman. Tanya, tek back yuh chat. It doan sound good.

Mi glad how nuff people pon social media call out Tanya over the comment. Some people give it to her proper proper. Quite appropriately, politicians including Angela Brown Burke and Venesha Phillips have since responded to Tanya's post.